Stingray Cap Light

The ALL new Stingray with TRIPLEX!!!

The Superior Stingray is one of the newest and lightest weight hunting lights currently available on the hunting light market!! The only light available with your choice of a single color module, the Superior Triplex color module, or the Superior Quadtek color module.....only pay for what you want!!!


  • Comes standard with ultra bright walk light, red, and amber colors!!
  • The newest, most efficient LED on the market, and the only light offered using this technology. You will not find a brighter light under $250.
  • Available with your choice of bright white or natural color main beam.
  • Weight is only 19 ounces depending on your choice of bump cap or hybrid soft cap.
  • 4.2 volts

Burn times are approximate and may vary

  • Over 4 hours of run time on the highest setting

Stingray Cap Light: