Garmin Alpha and Astro Rubber Covers - $14.99 each
Protect you Garmin Alpha or Astro
Protective rubberized covers for you Garmin Astro or Alpha unit. Buttons are covered to protect from dust and moisture. Access charging ports and other ports without removing the cover.

Cordura Controller Pouches
Tough Cordura Pouches
  • Tough Cordura pouches for your Garmin Astro, Garmin Alpha, Tri-Tronics controllers and more
  • Protect your control unit with a codura pouch.
  • Attach to your belt, jacket, or bibs
Folding Extendable Antenna -$25 each
For Garmin handheld units"
  • Fits Garmin Alpha 100, Astro 430/320/220, and Trashbreaker PRO handhelds
  • Extends to 43 inches
  • Folds up to less than 8 inches
  • Increases the range of your handheld Garmin unit

Paracord Lanyards
Paracord Lanyards
  • Made from durable & strong Paracord
  • Single & Multiple style available
  • Multiple colors available
  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Attach GPS, Stopwatch, etc.

Spill Proof Buddy Bowl -$18 for 44oz. or $22 for 64oz.
The "Buddy Bowl"
  • A spill-proof & splash-proof pet water bowl.
  • Dogs love it because water does not go up their nose. You'll love it because you have less mess.
  • Used by Police & Military K-9s, Hunting Dogs, Show & Agility Dogs everywhere!
  • Holds it's water even upside down!!
  • Made In USA

Bama Socks $20.00 per pair
Bama Socks
  • Sokkets are to be worn over wool socks.
  • Available in boot sizes.
  • Hand wash gently in warm water, drip or hang dry
  • Waterproof boots, if truly waterproof, cannot breathe, therefore, the foot perspires creating dampness. XTRATUF bama-sokkets solve the problem. Removable insulating boot liners combine acrylic fiber with cotton tricot to wick away perspiration and insulate against the cold. Wear one size larger boot when wearing Bama Sokkets. The foot stays dry, warm, and comfortable.

Ultrak Digital Stopwatches starting at $12.00
Time your hunts with Ultrak
  • Water resistant
  • Includes lanyard
  • Alarm (440 has 4 alarms and chime)
  • Time and calendar
  • Display of cumulative splits

Flex Antenna (Orange) - $19.99
Flexible orange antenna for Garmin Alpha and Astro

BarkLimiter Deluxe - $100.00
Rechargeable Bark Collar with Automatic Levels
  • Reduces false corrections
  • Works right out of the box
  • Measures number of barks
  • Fits on all dog breeds, all coat thicknesses
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (lasts up to 3 months on full charge)
BarkLimiter 2 - $100.00
Rechargeable Automatic bark correction device
  • Works right out of the box to help deter nuisance barking ...with up to 30-day life on rechargeable battery
  • Choose the correction setting or combination thats right for your dog tone and vibration or 10 stim levels; fixed correction or Autorise adjusting level optimization
  • Slim convenient form factor features comfortable plastic contacts in long and short sizes to accommodate thick or short coats
  • Works with the Garmin Canine app on your smartphone to let you adjust settings and review bark correction data
  • Use with the included black strap or easily snap onto your dogs existing collar (up to 1 inch wide and up to 0.12 inch thick)

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