HellCat Pro Light

All New Superior HellCat Pro Light!!!

Don't need a laser?? Then the All new Superior Hellcat Pro might be just right for you!!!
New and improved Red and Amber color modules are nearly 3 times brighter than previous Hellcat models!!
New and improved main beam LED is more efficient over previous models improving brightness and allowing the same burn time from a lighter weight battery pack!!
At 22 ounces, this revised HellCat Pro is a full two ounces lighter than the previous HellCat Pro!
Available with your choice of bright white or natural color main beam!!
Available on bump cap or soft cap with liner. All controls are on one easy to use switch eliminating wasted positions or the need for an auxillary switch. Made in the USA and comes with a full 2 year warranty!! Available now!!!


  • All controls are on one easy to use switch
  • multiple colors
  • long burn times
  • 2 year pro rated warranty

Burn times are approximate and may vary

  • 5 hours on full high and progressively longer with lower settings. Up to 16 hours with walk lights.

Hellcat Pro Light: