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Zepp's Squaller

Zepp's Lifetime Coon Squaller

The #1 selling coon squaller in the United States. The only one with a Lifetime Warranty on the reeds lanyard and aluminum body! Top quality lanyard is included. World Champion Coon Hunters use, swear by it and recommend it to others!! Three, precisely hand tuned reeds give it a life like squall and coon growl. Six colors to choose from! Please specify color: Green, Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Purple or Pink

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Timothy Ball Coon Squaller

Timothy Ball Coon Squaller!!!

The "Original" Timothy Ball Coon Squaller, is made out of solid wood and uses a metal reed to give the call a high pitched distress squall. It comes with a lanyard and instructions

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PS Olt Coon Squaller

PS Olt N-27 Coon Squaller!!!

The PS Olt N-27 coon squaller.....

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Crystal Coon Squaller

Crystal Coon Squaller!!!

The Crystal coon squaller.....

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Zepps Lifetime Squaller

Timothy Ball Coon Squaller

OLT Coon Squaller

Crystal Coon Squaller