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Yoder Chaps

YODER SUPER CHAP: Briar proof, super durable and a very comfortable walking wader. The outer layer of these chaps is a 420 weight brown denier nylon, heavily coated domestic material. Like all Yoder Waterproof Chaps it has a 400 denier inner layer of waterproof Nylon.

YODER WICKED CHAP: This chap has an outer layer of 840 weight BLACK BALLISTIC nylon material. Extremely durable. Burrs will not stick to it. It is soft yet extremely strong. Like all waterproof chaps, this chap has a 400 weight inner water proof nylon liner.

YODER CHAPS can be attached to your belt using the adjustable straps, or folded down and snapped at your knees using the snaps in the leggins and the boots.

Boot Options with Yoder Chaps..
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Boots and YODER Chaps:
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